Battery Testing

Battery Testing

A healthy passenger vehicle battery should charge at 12.6 volts or above when at rest. When the vehicle is running the volts should be around 13.7 to 14.7.  Whether you test your vehicle battery yourself or contact us for a car battery test then the time to do it is when:

· your car is hard to start (cranking over is slow or takes several goes to start);

· the check engine light is on (sometimes the engine light will come on when the battery power is weak);

· the battery has swelling or bloating in the casing;

· the battery has a leak (leaking causes corrosion to the battery terminals and should be removed when a new battery is installed, otherwise your car may not start); or

· the battery is more than three years old (although many batteries can last well beyond three years it is always recommended to have your battery tested twice yearly or at the very least on a yearly basis once three years has been reached).

If you would like your battery tested then please give us a call on 0488 492 887 and we can book you in for a time suitable for you.