Deep Cycle Batteries – Caravan, Camping & Solar (6V & 12V)

Deep Cycle Batteries - 6V & 12V

Caravan, Camping & Solar Batteries

AMP-Tech Deep Cycle Batteries

AMP -Tech Deep Cycle Batteries offer longer life, more power and performance with maximum durability and reliability.

Manufactured for use in caravans and RV’s, the AMP-Tech Deep Cycle Batteries have exceptional strength, durability and reserve capacity even in the toughest and most extreme conditions.  The AMP-Tech Deep Cycle Batteries provide power to electrical accessories such as lights, trolling motors, fridges and winches.  They are built to provide a low but steady level of power for a longer period of time.

The AMP-Tech Deep Cycle Batteries use a higher density, thicker plate design to ensure more than sufficient energy on cycling, whilst preventing damage to plate active material due to vibration.

VRLA-AGM (Valve Regulated Lead Acid-Absorbed Glass Mat) battery technology

  • A VRLA-AGM battery is an electric storage lead-acid battery is
  •    – Sealed with special compound epoxy and using pressure controlled vent valves.
  •    – Starved electrolyte design – acid solution is absorbed in separators.
  •    – Using a recombination reaction to prevent the escape of hydrogen and oxygen gases.
  •    – Non-spillable – can be operated in any position. But, upside-down installation is not recommended.
  •    – Maintenance free.

General Features:

  • Using oxygen recombination technology; maintenance free
  • Special grid alloy; less gassing, less self-discharging
  • For longer cycle life; special paste formula, thicker plates, additives for deep discharging
  • Special anti-vibration design
  • High quality AGM separators; extend cycle life and prevent micro short circuit
  • ABS material; increase the strength of battery container.

Typical Applications:

  •   – Electric tools
  •   – Mobility scooter
  •   – Lawn Mowers
  •   – Golf carts and trolleys
  •   – Portable apparatus, lights and instruments
  •   – Electric toys



  •  – Illumination light
  •  – Fire alarms
  •  – Portable power
  •  – Wheelchairs
  •  – Medical equipment