Marine Stowaway Batteries

Marine Stowaway Starting Batteries

Built rugged to resist impact and rough water vibration – a leading cause of failure in marine batteries. No-Vibe anchor bonded plates in polyethylene envelopes provide superior vibration resistance for an extra long life and reliability. Designed to provide high starting power for outboard and inboard motors with sealed maintenance free Calcium/Calcium technology, with 12 months nationwide warranty.





Marine Stowaway Dual Purpose Batteries

A sealed dual purpose range designed to supply power for boats with one battery bank used for both starting and cycling accommodating additional accessories. Constructed using thicker calcium plates, glass matt separators and a different active material to balance starting ability with cycling to provide adequate dual purpose power.






Orbital Sealed Deep Cycling and Starting

The choice of Australia’s greatest adventurers. For continuous charging and recharging over years of service, the Orbital Deep Cycle battery is our best for powering house systems over extended adventures on land or at sea.